(Submit Articles) Paul Smith. The brand that has been echoing in the fashion industry for more than fifty years now is particularly known for its extravagant English touches incorporated with a classical style.
Paul Smith made a name for itself in the men's fashion industry thanks to its anat garde vision. In the 1980's, David Bowie, Alain Souchon and Tony Blair were constantly seen wearing Paul Smith suits and striped sweaters. Better than an advertising campaign, these men with three very different profiles propelled the brand to an unprecedented level of popularity.
People with slighty rock'n'roll style are seduced by the tailored vests with unexpected colorful touches while people in their 50's love their traditional suits. Politicians, on their part, see in the Paul Smith outfit a message of modernity and change.
In the 1990's, Paul Smith diversified itself by launching a collection for women and children , a jeans collection, watches and even fragrances.
Today, with a network of shops across the UK, Japon but also Paris, New York, Milan and Singapore, Paul Smith guarantees exceptional quality. All pieces bearing the label are made in England.
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