(Submit Articles) A Pencil Portrait makes a wonderful, thought-provoking gift for your beloved ones, your employees, business affiliates and people you care for.

A Pencil Portrait is an Exquisite piece of ART ! An art that would last a lifetime. As aptly said 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'

Everyone loves to see himself in a different form. Like a caricature or in paint or A TRADITIONAL PENCIL PORTRAIT. An art-form which is unique and rare and just perfect! What makes it unique is the element of error in the entire process. Right from analyzing to the finishing stroke of the right pencil ! Just a small wrong stroke of a pencil can make a Pencil Portrait not resemble the photo. The artist has to take utmost care not to overdo any part of the portrait. What is required is a subtle suggestion. Else a mirthful smile will appear like asneer. The artist has to have a good understanding of planes and has to render cross-hatching lines to get a photo-realistic appeal to the Portrait. This is what gives a portrait a sculptural sensibility. If the artist is not cautious enough then the portrait would get its 3D characteristic but will end up in a flat 2D face. The skill lies in analyzing all the planes that make up the face of the portrait and merge them. So Pencil Portrait is basically an art - An acquired art !

Our Pencil Portraits are painstakingly made to resemble your photo 95 to even 100%.Perfect glossy eyes is what brings life to a portrait ! We assure that you would be amazed by our quality standards and our Perfection and Mastery at this art. We capture every detailed feeling on the subject to bring the Artwork to life.

To give you the highest quality standard, we request you to bear the following points while selecting a reference image
1. The image should be high resolution.
2. It should be clear, sharp and well illuminated
3. It should enhance the facial features of the subject
4. The person’s eyes should be very clear. Perfect eyes get life in a Portrait.

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