Investing $300,000 into the world of online flash gaming, Armor Games is a leading player. The games are played as many as 15 million times on different sites, each day. Like all other flash gaming sites, it offers an abundance of exciting games. There are about 500 different kinds of games on the site, which come with simple instructions and are easy to play.

Categories Of Armor Games

It can be broadly classified into 6 different categories: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, Puzzle, Skill, and Strategy.

Visit the popular section and find out the most popular game of the particular category. The popular section features the frequently played games on the site. All games are properly categorized to avoid confusion amongst a plethora of different games on the site. Games are rated according to the quality level. Each of the arcade games come with instruction guidelines and controls. Although, these are flash games, yet the high quality optimization makes it easier to load the games really fast.

There is a community of Armor games on the site with a number of users sharing their views on different games. User recommendations help others to browse through games. Also, if you reach a certain number of Armor points, your profile is shown on the home page.

Armor Games brings you the best online games. The site is designed in a simple manner and imparts all information in a hassle-free way. It has a huge collection of arcade games to keep you glued to your seats. If flash gaming is what you enjoy the most, there is no better option than this.

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