Selling home, condo or any other real estate in a market that is confined from a satisfied bubble is every investor's dream. Knowing where to look for these bubble-proof markets and how to identify them is important.

There are some Phuket Real Estate essential factors that investors should consider when thorough for stable investments such as single-family homes, condos or any other type of real estate. Some of these factors include a fast growing inhabitants (which positively impacts the demand for housing), a solid and diverse economy (which impacts employment rates Phuket Real Estate and subsequent demand for housing), increasing profits (which impacts buyers' aptitude to buy real estate), a mounting communications (which contributes to the request of a city or community), and limits on Phuket Luxury Villas future real estate development (which limits future supply of real estate). Investing in real estate inside communities that meet these criterion may prove to be more cost-effective than community that are absent one or more of these factors.

Available now for sale is this modern and modern villa, located right in the heart of Patong. Just minutes away from the beach, main shopping area (Jungceylon) and Patong’s vibrant nightlife. Located high on the hillside, thus giving amazing sea views, a view over Patong itself and amazing panoramic mountain views. The property is for sale fully furnished, with the majority of the furniture being shipped over from the UK. The current owners have spared nothing to help make this one of the most luxurious and desirable properties in the area.

Garden Island Phuket is real estate agent specialized in villa, apartments and lands for sale in Phuket, Thailand. Our professionalism and our experience as a service provider in the domain of real estate will help you to step in the Phuket market, one of the most interesting in Thailand, if not in the whole Asia.
Garden Island has a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of both properties sellers and buyers. We also assure effective property management to improve the performance and the success of the houses we sell to investors. Our team of real estate professionals forms a well established company in Phuket and will help you to find the best opportunity in the most stunning areas of Phuket.

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