(Submit Articles) Computer gaming is already a hugely popular activity in the UK, with millions firing up their Playstations every day to blast a baddie or win just one more race. But gaming will be taken to a whole new level this summer with the arrival of some impressive new technology.

This summer, the whole of the UK is eagerly awaiting the arrival of 3D TV technology. It looks set to revolutionise the way we watch television, giving us a whole new way to enjoy some of our favourite shows. More interestingly though, is the effect that the technology is going to have on computer games and in particular, the Playstation 3.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?
Let's take a quick look at all the hardware you may like to get to maximise your 3D experience:
Sky 3D
A Playstation 3 (or download the necessary software)
A couple of pairs of 3D glasses.
Any other 3D accessories the salesman may offer you.

It suddenly becomes apparent that to fully appreciate the new 3D TV technology it becomes a lot more of a financial outlay than simply just buying a 3D TV. Another important thing to take into account is the initial price of the technology. As with all new cutting-edge electronic goods, a premium price is charged immediately after the product is released. This will probably put many people off and a number of people will wait until even newer 3D TV technology comes out and begins to replace the older stuff.

Back In The Game
Coming back to the point, how is the emergence of 3D going to affect computer gaming. What real difference will it make to the average gamer given the fact that they will have to pay a high price just to use the software. There are a number of technical differences that can actually improve the gamer's performance while playing. If we take driving games as an example, 3D can actually dramatically improve a gamer's speed and cornering on the track. 3D gives the gamer better depth perception, allowing the gamer to better understand an upcoming corner and drive accordingly. The same aspect of depth perceptions are also useful in first person shooting games. The user will be able to aim a lot more accurately by viewing their target in a far more lifelike surrounding. In saying all that let's not forget about the sheer wonder of feeling like your actually in the game you're playing. Imagine running inside a loop alongside Sonic the hedgehog or backing up Super Mario as he takes on his arch-enemy Bowser. Its hard to even begin to imagine how much more fun gamers are going to have as a result of 3D.

While the initial outlay of having to buy 3D TV and buy all the 3D accessories will undoubtedly prove to be expensive, the ultimate resulting experience will surely be worth it. More dedicated Playstation users will be amazed by how their performances in game are affected by 3D, while more casual gamers will just appreciate the sheer novelty of it all. 3D TV technology is set to hit in August and will be well-received by all who have both the courage and finances to give it a shot.

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