Bridal dress is perhaps the most expensive and most coveted dress in bride’s wardrobe. For this one attire she devotes much of her time. And in country like India where bridal dress is given so much importance its essence increases all the way more.

Amongst all dresses women certainly loves the most her bridal dress, which reminds her of her most auspicious day of life. But just loving your dress is not enough, to take good care of wedding outfit during the wedding and after the wedding is more important, which also shows your true love for it. Here are given tips on how to take care of bridal dress during and after the wedding.

During the wedding

Take out your bridal dress at the time of wearing only not before that for minimizing the risk of creasing or spills.

Hold your attire carefully to avoid treading on the hem or pulling the trim.

If after wearing bridal attire you need to refresh your make up first cover your dress with a towel or cloth in case something spills.

Always keep safety pins with you or ask your closed one to keep it with them for you.

If something falls over your outfit do not rub it with colored napkin. Instead use white color napkin. Never dilute a stain as you can end up with a disfiguring watermark.

Know the fabric of your outfit and also make out what to do in case of a spill.

After the wedding

As soon wedding is over it’s best to give your wedding outfit to a professional dry cleaner. It will not give chance to stains to settle in case any gets spill over it. Be sure to go to a reputable dry cleaner. Prior only make arrangements of dropping your outfit to the dry cleaner place.

Make sure from cleaner that no damage will occur to your bridal dress during cleaning process. If he excels in cleaning then only should take it. Also alert him about the stains and delicate parts such as embroidery or sequins.

Ask him to personally look after your wedding outfit before putting into container. Box in which he will put your dress should be a pH neutral or acid-free box lined with fabric or acid-free tissue. Box should be wooden one, especially a cedar box. They keep attire safe.

After your dress come back from dry cleaner do remember not to keep it in the attic or basement where there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity. Extremes in temperatures spoil the dress.

In regular intervals of time keep taking out your dress from box and hang it in the fresh air. This will allow the fabric to breathe and make it less susceptible to mildew.

When hang out your dress do not use a wire hanger. It can rust the dress as well cause the fabric to tear. It is better to hang it by the loops.

Never wrap your dress with plastic covering as this forbids passing of air which ultimately results in fading of color of outfit.

Incorporate these tips in your caring process and your bridal dress will never become old. Be it saree or lehenga choli or salwar kameez it will look fresh and new forever.

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