Reinforcing Your Products with Hang Tags

26 Jan

(Submit Articles) When shoppers see something they like on the shelf, the next natural thing they do is look at the hang tag for further information. Believe it or not, what they see on the tags can help in their decision. Aside from indicating the price of the merchandise, hang tags are like business cards attached to a product. A miniature brochure that tells volumes about your brand. Creative hang tag printing can express your identity and the awesomeness of your product.

So how can you maximize hang tags? First, you need to decide on what you want to convey. The content of your hang tags should express any of the following:

- Advertise your product. Displaying your logo and tag lines will help reinforce your brand image in the minds of your target audience.

- Inform the shopper about the materials and care instructions of your product. You can indicate if it is recycled, hand-crafted, etc. Is it waterproof? Is it environment-friendly? You may put those details as well.

- Initiate communication. Print your contact information to let the shopper know how to reach you. Include your web site address, as well as a physical address and telephone numbers.

Hang tags can make people remember the product so make sure yours convey the style or theme of your product. If you are going to use images, don’t use flashy designs just to impress. What’s the lifestyle of your target audience? Try to project that into your images. Make sure that you match the right image with the appropriate style.
And like images, font styles can contribute to the impact of your hang tags. For instance, an informal and creative font style is ideal for a more dynamic-looking hang tag, which matches a product directed at young people.

If you want to go beyond images and font style, why not play with shapes? Hangs are commonly rectangular so if you want a more creative approach, use circles, ovals or even triangles. Or try cutting your tags in shapes that reflect your product. For examples, if you are selling baby bottles, wouldn’t it be fun to have a bottle-shaped hang tags attached to each?

Hang tags are usually thrown away after the purchase of the product. Add value to your tags by making it functional. You can design to double as a bookmark or a calendar. Just make sure to use sturdy materials for durability.

There is a lot of printing service providers that you can approach to print your hangtags. Many of them are even helpful in perfecting your designs. Print your tags in full color so they have the best opportunity to capture your customers’ attention. When you choose a hang tag printing company, make sure that they can produce high-quality prints. A beautiful, creative design is useless if the print quality is substandard. And don’t forget to order in bulk to take advantage of a decreased price-per-piece – the more you order, the cheaper you cover the cost of each piece thus, more profit for you.

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