There isn’t a single person who hasn’t fallen prey to a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife in their lifetime. This site is offering such individuals the perfect platform to report how they have been cheated or been wronged with. This site is giving them an opportunity to disclose every possible detail about the “character” they had been with, spent time with, opened up their hearts to and only to realize that the person is a pure fake.

Meeting and dating new people can prove to be quite a difficult experience as people cheat, lie, play and hurt in most cases. This site has only one goal in mind, i.e., giving a head start on that “special” someone. Here, one can discuss their experience and express themselves so as to prevent other users in sharing the same fate. Specific infidelity can be reported or a general discussion can be started here. This site is giving a person the chance to help others from falling prey to such mischievous acts and be a victim to something that could’ve easily been avoided.

When one is being cheated or turns out to be the victim in a relationship, they feel like they are helpless, alone, and on the verge of losing their senses. But the truth is that they are not at all alone and there are millions who share the same experiences that they are presently going through. This site not only allows its users to share the experience but also enables them to report a liar/ cheater as well. By doing this, they can find the perfect support and closure to the entire episode, if not fully, but to some extent.

Advices can be provided as well on how fellow users can catch a cheating boyfriend/ girlfriend or husband/ wife. They are welcome to tell fellow visitors about the various signs through which they can successfully catch the perpetrators. This shall help them from being victims of infidelity.

This site mainly aims in acting as the source of support and providing a great platform to discuss sensitive issues dealing with betrayal of trust. One needs to make sure that they are fair and honest at the time of sharing their stories. This is because lives of thousands are at stake here as people visit this site knowing whole- heartedly that they won’t be mislead into any form of treachery. The best possible way the safety of this site can be increased is by relying upon each other. The reports here can be searched by phone, name, email and review board handle.


URL: aims in providing the perfect platform for those who had been wrongfully fallen victims at the hands of their partners. They can share their stories, opinion and experiences here for others to follow.