United States of America; 11/13/2013: The advancement of technology has resulted in an increase in the growth of optic fibre equipment. This has simultaneously increased the use of optic fibre equipment in various fields. Whether it concerns the sophistication needed in a medical process or in monitoring, sensing, and security applications, the need for optic fibre establishes itself. Shanghai Weiye OFC Machinery, one of the trusted companies in China, has been engaged in the production of optic fibre equipment and cable machinery since the year 1998. 

The company has been leading the industry in the manufacture of the intricate fibre optic equipment and cable machinery. The products manufactured by the company are trusted for being highly durable and delivering optimum results. They claim to have gone beyond the similar type of European lines in performance in certain cases. The optic fiber cable equipment manufactured by Shanghai Weiye is supplied to most of the big OFC manufacturing factories in China. 

The products manufactured by the company include sheathing line, optical fibre running line, fibre colouring machine, optical fibre drawing tower, tower buffet jacketing line, optical fibre proof testing, secondary coating line, and SZ stranding line among others. The secondary coating line manufactured by the company is used in the production of optic fibre loos tube. The secondary coating line is of the latest generation and is suited for the most efficient production. It ensures minimized scrap and combines it with speedy production while the set up times are really short. The comfortable running speed of the product is 300m per minute, while pay off numbers range between two and twelve fibres. The standard reels take a length of twenty five or fifty kilometres and the complete length of the production line is thirty kilometre. The installation power of the product is ninety five kilowatt. 

The SZ stranding line ensures high stranding quality and stranding speed. The product has been designed by the company for the production of fibre optic cables for indoor as well as outdoor performance. The product combines the characteristics of high speed production, long batches, and reduced set ups. It ensures that the productivity of the process of SZ stranding creates a newer and higher level altogether. The comfortable running speed of the SZ stranding line is 65m in a minute while the tube pay off remains between six and twelve sets. The reel size is between 630mm and 800mm. The production line runs a length of forty metres and the installation power is 45KVA. 

The products have been acknowledged to be of robust materials and tested qualities which are exported to other countries as well. Besides, the company also guarantees the most outstanding service after sale. One of the most important reasons for their fame is the running stability and automation level of the equipment. 

About Weiye OFC 

URL: http://www.weiye-ofc.com/en/ 

Shanghai Weiye OFC Company deals in production of cable machinery and optic fibre equipment. The products manufactured by the company have earned great reputation and reliability not only in China but across the globe.