06, January 2016: Recently a series of accidents happened on the electric self-balancing scooter were reported. Before Thanksgiving Day, in America Jessica’s son got this year’s hot product-scooter. Just one day for playing, when charging, Jessica saw the flames from the scooter and then heard a huge “bomb”. In HK, a lady bought an electric scooter by the price of about 1485 RMB, which was cheaper than the ones in the market. When the electricity runs out, she charges it in the ground beside the door. But early in the morning, she was waken up by a big sound. Her scooter exploded. Paul, an express delivery man, bought 2 electric hoverboards, one for his grandson and the other for his friend. His grandson was very fond of it. They had a try for it and thought there were no problem. But when charging in the kitchen, it exploded.


All the accidents sound the alarm for all the intelligent electric hoverboard manufactures and even the whole industry. A large quantity of cheap scooters come from some small factory or mini workshop. They has no enough capitals to develop and assembly, just simply copy and use bad parts to assembly, let alone the strict quality control and relative technical and safety production capacity.

The reason why such electric hoverboards safety accidents took place frequently is the cheating on workmanship and materials of small manufactures. They only seek short time benefits. The productions they made not only lack strict quality control, but also lack good materials. The unqualified battery, no copper wires, the interrupt controllers and bad chargers are the fundamental causes.


In the coming year, it will be a key period for the development of intelligent electric scooter industry. We need the powerful and eligible enterprises, such as Segway, Soloway and Airwheel, to play a leading role for guiding the whole industry to control the quality independently. Through continuous R&D according to the manufactures’ brand advantages, the intelligent scooter industry can achieve diversified and long-term sound development.

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