Sales of uVernal Matcha Tea Exceed Expectations

27 Jan

The New Matcha Tea from uVernal Proves More Popular than Experts Expected

The number of sales of uVernal’s green tea Matcha powder exceeded the predictions of many experts and marketing specialists. The product was expected to do reasonably well, especially with the health conscious audience and green tea connoisseurs.

The results of the first sales show that the interest for uVernal’s Matcha is far higher than first predicted. Sales begun with a steady rate on the first day the new product was released and kept climbing over the first two weeks.

From the initial reviews it became clear that uVernal’s Matcha tea is being bought for its many health benefits by some of the customers, while others enjoy the exotic nature and complicated taste of the beverage.

A small percentage of reviews mentioned how useful Matcha tea is for cooking. Adding Matcha tea to cakes produces a pleasant, natural green color, which is useful for bakers who don’t want to add artificial colorings to their products. Matcha is already been widely used for cooking in Japan.  Now patisseries and bakeries in western countries adopt Matcha as a flavoring for cakes, puddings and Japanese style sweets.

Customers report that Matcha helped them get more energy, feel calmer and even lose weight. Matcha is considered an excellent energy boosting beverage, because it contains complex amino acids and l-theanine, which can keep a person calm and focused after consumption. Matcha also contains some caffeine, like regular green tea, which offers a lot of energy when combined with the other nutrients found in Matcha.

A few customers reported that they preferred uVernal’s Matcha over all the brands they had tried before. Some of the reasons these specific customers listed were stronger color, sweeter taste and purity.

The Matcha sold by uVernal is 100% organic and the company takes great care to only accept the product from producers that use clean water sources, grow trees in clean, unpolluted areas and never use chemicals. The organic nature of uVernal’s Matcha appealed to the eco-friendly and the health conscious audiences as well, as was predicted by experts.

The product performs well in terms of sales at the moment. It remains to be seen if this is only a temporary trend or the beginning of a great success story.
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