PERVAYA is a French high tech company, created in June 2005. PERVAYA has conceived and sell SALVEO, an intelligent telecare system for elderly living alone at home or in specialized nursing homes. In our process of European expansion we are looking for motivated distributors who are interested in increasing their sales using an innovative telecare solution.

New expectations

Given the lack of resources to support elderly people at home and low efficiency of existing telecare solutions’, taking care of elderly at home is becoming an urgent issue. Salveo system developed by PERVAYA, offers an innovative response to the expectations and needs expressed by customers and prospective studies on elderly in European countries.

All currently market products involve wearing bracelets or necklaces and requiring direct manipulation by the user. According to studies, 2 / 3 of elderly don’twear or wear it from time to time and only half of elderly using it all the time press the button when something goes wrong.

An innovative solution

SALVEO is an innovative telecare system:
- Elderly is not required to wear a bracelet or other accessory, and no manual action is needed.
- SALVEO’s proactive and preventing features help identifying emerging healthcare situations before becoming critical.
- Using a learning software our system automatically adapts to elderly’s habits living.
- An Internet access is available to caregivers in order to increase peace of mind and anxiety.

A simple operating system

SALVEO system consists of a wireless sensor network installed in elderly home that transmit the information to a local base. The local base transmits data from the sensors to our central server via a dialup connection to PERVAYA. No need of wiring, the system is easily installed in under an hour

In our central server, a computer program analyzes data of daily activities. If it detects an emergency or unusual situation, an alert is sent to a medical call center, a family member, a neighbor, or a professional caregiver ...

Here are some examples of emergency situations detected by SALVEO: no wake up in the morning, possible fall situation in the bath room, an abnormal temperature inside the house, sleeping patterns and night agitations, a decrease of daily activity level, a change of bathroom’s habits usage, any gas leaks or fire ...

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