Save Your Patio Furniture From Sun Damage By Installing Advaning Awnings

26 Jan

Use advaning awnings to prevent your furniture from getting damaged by sun and also reduce cooling bills. Easy pitch system is a unique innovation designed to make lives simpler.

Sun damage reduces the life of your furniture by 50% ,or in other words doubles the replacement costs. To protect your patio furniture from sun damage while, enjoying great evenings under the starry sky, install patio awnings.’s Patio cover solutions range from fixed aluminum awnings to retractable fiber/acrylic awnings. Awnings are best way to prevent patio and outdoor furniture from sun exposure and rainfall. Although fixed awnings are very cheap they hinder the view of beautiful night sky.

Patio awnings from can be easily customized to suit your taste and preferences . All awnings and patio covers come equipped with Easy Pitchâ„¢ , pitch adjustment feature. This feature allows you to safely adjust the pitch angle in a single step process.

The company is a well known awning provider, its portfolio includes many awnings which can either be manual or electrically operated. All the fabrics used are100% European dyed and are TUV/CE/ES certified. Manual awnings are very cost effective but become a burden disabled or elderly owners who have a frequent readjusting requirement . All electric awnings come with an easy to use remote control. Which allows elderly customers an option to easily open and close the awning. is committed to use of superior quality raw materials for all awnings and patio covers. We use corrosion-resistant metal components including a 6063-T5 grade aluminum alloy hood and lateral arms secured with a pair of 316 grade stainless steel cables and assembled using 304 grade stainless steel screws.

Uncompromised quality results in an increased life expectancy of all products. A one time investment awnings reduce the costs of replacing patio furniture and also help in reducing air conditioning expenses.

Awning Visualizer is an important online tool provided by the company which helps customers in deciding important parameters like width, length and color choices. is the most trusted awning solutions provider in America. Over and above our very own shop at ,we have collaborated with top retailers like Home Depot, Hayneedle, and websites like, which provide our products at competitive prices and free shipping options. The package includes parts and a quick installation manual which has diagrams and tips for easy installation.
About us: we are a leading provider of awnings solutions in United States. Our revolutionary EasyPitch system has made lives simpler.