Biocera Laundry Ball: Environment Friendly Alternative To Detergents

26 Jan

Use biocera laundry ball to save ecology and money! Biocera,a pioneer in using ceramics, innovatively , for improving general health of humans has launched a new product. Biocera laundry ball is a new and innovative product which aims at replacing the traditional and polluting detergents with a non polluting and cost efficient substitute. The amount of ecological damage that detergents do is unfathomable and irreversible. Even very small detergent concentrations can wreck havoc for aquatic animals and overall ecology. Eutrophication, due to detergents, reduces the amount of oxygen available for fishes and aquatic vegetation.

Biocera laundry ball has been specifically designed to minimize the environmental damage that detergents and surfactants cause to the environment. Apart from causing environmental damage, detergent cause skin allergies and can be poisonous if consumed orally. Serious environmental damage can be prevented if detergent usage is minimized. The applications of detergents are many , so are the disadvantages ,this causes a serious dilemma because we can neither live without them nor ignore the serious environmental damage they cause.

Biocera laundry ball uses the patented and NSF certified ceramic balls, which naturally lowers the surface tension of water and reduces interfacial tension. Daily use detergents contain surfactants and fragrances.The basic function of surfactants is to reduce surface tension. Whereas fragrances remove odor . These fragrances can cause skin and respiratory allergies. Fragrances have also been found to confuse insects and disturb their mating cycles.

Laundry ball performs both the functions naturally by using ion pi ceramic balls and far infrared ray balls. When these small ceramic balls come in contact with water molecules, they emit far infrared rays , which remove odor and makes the clothes fresh and deodorized.

Reduced surface tension and reduced interfacial stress ,increase the wetting properties of water . The mechanical friction produced by the unique product design is an effective stain fighter. The balls used are ecologically friendly and can be used as decorative purposes after the ball is cut open.

Far infrared rays have antimicrobial effect and can kill almost all varieties of micro-organisms. Our patented ceramic balls are specially designed and manufactured to increase far infrared production and kill disease and odor causing bacteria.when bacteria are eliminated , the clothes become odor free and healthier.

These are very cost effective as they last for almost 1000 machine cycles and you can stop worrying about reloading your detergent box.

Summary : to save money and environment use Biocera laundry ball . These leave clothes clean and fresh without causing skin allergies.

About us: biocera is well a very well known brand in the field of bio-ceramics and our cutting edge research is unparalleled. With our diversified healthcare product range we strive to make peoples life better

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