(Submit Articles) A scar at a highly visible location like your face can cause social anxiety and camouflaging scars with clothing or makeup is not always a viable option. There are a number of scar removal techniques such as personal hair removal, laser hair removal legs, microdermabrasion acne scars and stretch marks, cellulite removal, photo rejuvenation and acne skin care services. Some are more invasive than others. Scar surgery is a good option for people who have scars resulting from injuries or deep incisions. In fact, if scars have formed keloids, depending on the severity, scar surgery sometimes remains the only option.

Invasive Treatments

Scars form because of the body's attempt to heal an infection or injury on the skin. Sometimes the skin heals completely but it leaves behind an unsightly scar. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, sometimes scars develop between layers of the skin and such scars sometimes require several closures. Such deep scars can be removed with the help of cosmetic surgery, but as with any surgery, invasive scar surgery also has risk of complications. This is because the surgery is performed beginning with the tissue that is present below the surface of the skin. The surgeon uses non-removable sutures and keeps doing that until he successfully closes the final layer. This causes the healing process to start all over again.

One more thing that has to be considered before going for invasive scar removal surgery is the cost of scar surgery. The cost of this type of surgery ranges between $300 and $20,000. The cost of the surgery depends on the procedure that is used and the amount of skin invasion that is required. Complicated surgeries are also expensive. However, a successful cosmetic surgery treatment can give you a completely new look and scar free body. The key is finding an expert in scar surgery. The fact that cannot be ignored about invasive scar surgery is that it is the only permanent method of scar removal.

Non-Invasive Treatments

Non-invasive scar surgery aims at reducing the appearance and visibility of a scar. It is possible to get the scar resurfaced through laser surgery or dermabrasion. The kind of treatment a surgeon suggests depends on the size and location of the scar. Some of these treatments are explained below:

Dermabrasion: In this process, a dermatologist uses different skin resurfacing techniques. The process starts by freezing the skin and then mechanically removing the scar. As a result of this the scarred skin becomes smoother and later rejuvenates with a new layer of skin. This process is highly effective for wrinkles, scars and sun damaged skin.

Laser Surgery: The process uses an intense beam of laser to resurface the scarred area. This initiates new skin growth and as a result, the scar tissue fades away.

Injections: Sometimes steroid-based injections are used to improve scar appearance. This kind of therapy is quite effective for scars that have left a sunken appearance.

How To Choose A Scar Surgery

The cosmetic scar surgery you choose should work for you and not someone else. Do not choose a surgery just because it has worked for someone else. It is important that you set an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss all surgical options that are available for your skin type.

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