(Submit Articles) Sunless tanning is the safest way to get the beautiful bronze glow on your skin without the damaging effects of the Sun. A tan makes you look slimmer, smarter, and healthier. The growing awareness about the severe effects of the Sun's UV rays and their potential carcinogenic effects has kept a lot of people indoors. To the rescue come self-tanning products that give you a natural-looking, healthy tan without any exposure to the harmful rays of the Sun.

Self tanning products are easily available today. They work on the dead skin cells on the external layer of the skin and turn the protein in them brown. Sun Labs brings to you the breakthrough products that give you the richest bronze tan. There is an amazing variety of lotions to choose from. But, you should understand your skin type before you pick any product. Understanding your skin type is important as it helps you choose the color that does not seem out of place, but looks perfectly natural on you.

There are certain things to take care of when you want a flawless tan using a self tanning product. You should remember to exfoliate regularly and especially before you use a tanning spray or a lotion. This way you will get an even tan all over your body. Dry skin is one of the biggest causes of an uneven, patchy tan. To avoid this problem, a night before applying the tanning product, moisturize your skin with healthy body milk or a body moisturizer. Always remember to use latex gloves when applying a self-tanning product to protect your hands from the color.

Sun Labs helps you get the perfect sun-kissed deep tan. Pick up the self-tanning lotion containing moisturizers that is most suited to your skin. With Sun Labs products, get the perfect tan without going to an expensive beach locale.

Sun lab provides their clients with the best collection of sunless tanning products that tans the skin without harmful solar radiations affecting the body.

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