Due to increasing tendency to manufacture and store we need a place to keep organic things safe from being damaged and this was the reason that some smart guy invented a cold storage machine called a refrigerator. Today in most of the industries that deal with organic materials there is a need of a cold storage machine, whether it’s a restaurant or hospitals or a laboratory, all need refrigerators for cold storage needs. The storage requirements of these labs are very different from the normal refrigerators and companies like Tempurescientific manufactures laboratory refrigerators specially designed for specific needs of the customers. Also called scientific refrigerators, they are heavy duty machines having large amount of storage with stringent needs built specially for very low temperatures. These scientific refrigerators can be separated into pass through, chromatography refrigerator, standard ones and ones with drawers.
These are specially built and have the ability to maintain temperatures from 10 degree Celsius to -20 degree Celsius. In hospitals and medical places, machines such as medical freezers are used where they actually need very low temperatures to keep the blood and other substances safe from the attack of micro organisms. A medical freezer is generally thermostat insulated with U.L listing; it is frost free and also has the feature of automatic defrost. Medical refrigerator manufactured by Tempurescientific.com have all the above features which are available in single door refrigerator or double door refrigerators. They may have a chest opening from the top of the refrigerator or a front door opening. Some also have special spaces for storage specific items like blood as needed in blood banks.
Medical refrigerators may also be equipped with front door storage and could have an alarm clock to keep track of the time of storage for particular items; they may as well have shelves and drawers too. These refrigerators also have the capacity to generate power backup for a period of 24 hours or more in case of no power supply. Medical freezers are vibration free and noise free.
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