Mumbai-India - One of the most important aspects of online search engine marketing is link building. Top search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo give great importance to back links. Moreover, search engines have become ever more sophisticated and they do not give equal value to all the back links. The value of each link is evaluated based on various factors including the credibility of the linking site. So not all back links will benefit the website to the same extent. Therefore it is very important that webmasters get their back links from credible sources. is a SEO friendly directory from which webmasters can get free back links. There are many web directories on the web that offer two types of memberships: one is free and the other is paid links. Such directories do not give prominence to links posted under free membership. On the other hand paid links are given top positions in the directory pages. There are also number of other ways how web directories distinguish their free and premium links. Some of them allow the links to appear in bold font when they are paid links. With SEO Posting, all such confusions and distinctions are not there. All links get equal level of prominence. All the links are free and there are no paid or premium memberships.
It is very important that webmasters get their links from reputed web directories, because links from bad neighborhood can affect the websiteâ€â„¢s reputation. is a very clean directory and it enjoys very good reputation with search engines. This is also a SEO friendly directory. If the web directory to which the links are submitted is not SEO friendly directory, all the links will not be tracked back. Links from such pages or from such directories are not of any use. Moreover, the links should be from â€Ëœdo-followâ€â„¢ pages. All the pages in have â€Ëœdofollowâ€â„¢ attribute. So users can be sure of getting the best value for each link they get via this web directory. SEO Posting is frequently crawled and all links get indexed for better search engine ranking.
SEO Posting link submission process is very easy, fast and simple here. This is an elaborate directory which is neatly organized with all possible categories for website link submissions. For more information on for free link submission, please visit

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