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Shoebox360 provides a way for couples to avoid paying wedding photography prices whilst capturing much more of their special day.

Berkshire, United Kingdom, 14th May 2010 – For many years couples looking to get married have been horrified at the rising cost of wedding photography prices, often one of the biggest expenses in putting together the perfect wedding package. Yet although wedding photography prices are extremely high it is also very clear that they only provide a limited service, capturing only a few images of the day from one point of view. Not only that but as many couples and their guests find, wedding photography prices often don't include additional prints beyond the original package, increasing the cost to everyone still further.

Although many couples have investigated the possibility of using disposable cameras so that all of their guests can help to capture more of the day's moments, these are often of poor quality, and peoples lack of familiarity make them a very poor substitute.

However, the good news is that Shoebox360 is now offering an alternative to disposable cameras and paying exorbitant wedding photography prices. Shoebox360 provides the ability for all guests to securely upload their own high resolution digital photographs taken with their own cameras throughout the day.

Once the high resolution photographs are securely uploaded the couple can browse the collection of photographs, providing access to those people they choose to invite. The online gallery represents a much more complete souvenir of the day, and any photograph can be downloaded and printed for free at any time.

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Shoebox360 provides a unique alternative to paying wedding photography prices with a system that is secure, safe and offers a beautiful way of capturing more memories than ever previously possible.

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