For most people, shopping is a hobby. For some, it is even a must. When we're up, we shop. When we're down, we shop even more. Well, it varies depending on the person, the idea and thought. It is in general, shopping refers to an activity of selection or purchase from a place. Whether we are sad and want to change our mood or we are happy and want to enjoy further, shopping is an activity for everyone. It is also an addiction for some shoppers who have an uncontrollable urge to shop. Such people find it difficult to stop. Even for our daily needs and basic provisions, it is a part of daily life.

For some, it is a leisure activity while for others it can be called an economic one. Some like to go for it as they consider it a way of expressing their personality and good sense. The favorite hobby for 90% of the women throughout the world is shopping. They not only always want to buy clothes, perfumes and jewels but they also want to buy stuff to interesting decorate their homes and more. They want to prove their husbands how good they are at decorating their houses by shopping for new pieces of furniture. Men, on the other hand, do not like to spend money on useless things. But as there are people of different types, some men do spend a lot on items they feel will be appreciated for their creativity and good taste. Almost all men also enjoy shopping for cars, tools and gadgets. Only the tastes differ and the amount of time they spend in a shop.

The ones who enjoy this activity are called avid shoppers or buyers who are always willing to buy what they want, however, high its price may be. There are also different kinds of shoppers like window shoppers, clearance shoppers, slow shoppers, quick shoppers and never satisfied shoppers. Window shoppers are always found walking around in malls or shops. They want to purchase stuff but there is something that holds them back. The weekly store sales or daily coupons that come in the newspaper attract another type of shopper called bargain hunters. Bargain hunters also enjoy shopping, but instead of buying things at their market price, they go to any extent to get a product at a cheaper price.

People also use shopping as an escape from mundane life or a way to relax after a hectic day. It's like when we shop, somehow we find new focus and our mood gets uplifted. This is what is called retail therapy! So what is it about shopping that gets us jump on our feet? Why we spend hours roaming up and down in a mall and ignore our physical comfort? That's the allure of fashion. You just need a little care and alertness to make it a wonderful experience. Happy shopping!
Shopping is a leisure activity having a lot of economic repercussions which is also used to express a person's personality and good sense.

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