Recycling within your office is a very important issue, we are all now getting better at recycling within our homes but there is still so much more we could be doing within our workplace.

Gloucestershire, UK, February 18, 2010 -- Gloucestershire based Acorn Office Products is offering a great solution to help us increase the amount of recycling we do at work by offering a quality range of recycling bins aimed directly at the office. The bins come in various styles for easy use in your office; you can have bins that directly sit on top of desk or ones that fit nicely under it. With them you can recycle paper, tins, bottles, ink toners and plastics.

The one main factor with the bins that Acorn Office Products provide is that they are made from recycled fibres themselves with content of up to 70%. Not only are you now going to be able to recycle your waste very quickly and efficiently but at the same time you are using an already recycled product.

Now you have decided to make a promise to yourself to recycle more waste within your workplace why not get the word out there that your office is becoming eco-friendly. This is especially prominent for large scale corporations and small businesses alike. Acorn Office Products offer a fantastic service; they will brand your recycling bins with your company logo or any promotions that you are currently offering. This can be very effective within an office environment where meetings are held or retail outlets where the bins will be used within the eye of the public.

By branding the bins with your logo it doesn’tjust help members of the public to associate with your brand but it also tells them that you are environmentally conscious. This can have very positive effects on both your company and the environment as the more potential customers and clients you can draw the recycling element to the better as it will then impact the way they recycle within their own office/ workplace.

Contact Acorn Office Products today to see what types of bins are available to your office and how they can customise them to suit your needs, also remember to spread the word to your customers and colleagues that you are actively recycling your office waste as this can only have a positive effect on the way they recycle.

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