Skane Potential Energy Introduces its New Revolutionary Portable Fireplace Heater

15 Nov

15, November 2016: Skane Potential Energy, a company that aims to provide the best solution for your heating problems, especially as winter is yet again coming along, has launched its new revolutionary portable heater to ease every homeowner with the struggle with only 10% of heat coming to them through the chimney.

Once in a while, a technology has been introduced to challenge the status quo and became a new standard for an industry. SPE has brought a revolutionary change to the electric fireplace category. You will notice that in the conventional fireplaces, about 90% of the heat from your burning logs is lose through the chimney. On the other hand, This innovation by SPE is collecting this energy before it gets lost, and thus, returning it back to the room, and increase the temperature of the room dramatically.

Heatback Fireplace is placed inside the fireplace easily, and its size is adjusting for an easy fit in any chimneys, and thus, providing great portability. Moreover, it is adapting its depth to nearly every open fireplace, which can be installed in the simple 2 steps, and can be moved from any fireplaces to another without any hassles.

This new innovation works with a simple idea that can be understood by all about heating and cooling air. The stainless steel tube will be heated by the flames from the fire, and rather than getting the heat escape through the chimney, the powerful built-in fans will take the cold air from the rom and sent it through the heated tubes, and thereby, spreading the warm air all over the house.

Because it is made to ease homeowners with the heating solution, the company furthermore provides an affordable way of saving money during the winter season. It is cost-effective and all the more money saving benefits on your heating bills. Heatback even increases the efficiency of your modern fireplace for as much as 500%, equipped with an ionizer and active carbon filter that is helpful in purifying the air so as to minimize infections, bacteria, cigarette smoke, allergies, and asthma for a more pleasant and healthier home environment.

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