For those who are familiar with the Ed Hardy line, they very likely know that the Women's Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly apparel and accessories are some of the hottest items in fashion today.

The "Love Kills Slowly" design is not set - it always contains the familiar roses, skull and heart (at least from what I've seen), but the elements of the design vary in placement and looks from item to item.

Apparel and accessories with the "LKS" design include:

* Hoodies - No ordinary hoodies, these are stunning. The styles are variable, the colors are brilliant, the designs are gorgeous.

* Tattoo Sleeve Shirts - These have a sheer long undersleeve that have a "somewhat apparency" of having an actual tattoo down the arm. Interesting, many of these are quite beautiful as well.

* Long and Short Sleeve T-Shirts - The "LKS" collection is abundant with some great looking T's - many different colors and designs are available.

* Sunglasses - Of course, the design is available on an abundant collection of fashionable sunglasses for women, in several different styles.

* Sneakers - The "Lowrise" and "Highrise" sneakers are two of the favorites in the collection.

* Boots - ! Many women love the gorgeous boots - including the Snowblazer, Snowblazer Stones and Shins. * Handbags - There are a number of great styles of women's handbags available as well with the "LKS" design imprinted on them.

No matter what the apparel or accessories purchased and worn from the Women's Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly collection, the woman wearing them is sure to be noticed.

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