SmartOrder offers a unique technology to assist all the restaurant owners

13 Mar

United States of America, 13th March 2014: Restaurant management is a complex process which involves numerous elements that shapes up the entire services. The restaurant owners find it pretty difficult to manage the entire processing system by them. In order to make this process easier and SmartOrder has come with its own software that assists the restaurant owners and their managers to make the process of customer service a lot easier. The software comes with in-built features, such as its ability of android pos which lets users manage and cater to needs of the customers through an android app. 

Along with the software there comes multiple tools and software which helps restaurant POS owners to analyse current popularity of the company. The added software known as the SmartOrder e-Portal comes with system configurations, accounting system, inventory management and other reporting abilities. These help the managers and the owners to record data such as popularity, popular dishes peak hours, and the regular footfall. Once these are recorded, the user can print these reports and get a clear picture of the elements which are giving the management a difficult time or something which is making the business popular. Besides that there a lot more which this software has on offer. Customized reports can also be generated as per the specific needs 

The android restaurant pos is an app which comes with the feature of providing the users an instant detail about the dishes available at the restaurant. The users may even use the app to book tables, request home delivery and know in details about the restaurant offerings. All these make the process a lot easier and can help the restaurant get popular among the masses. The SmartPOS is offered at different rates and plans. Each plan is designed to suit the needs of every kind of restaurant. The basic plan starts at just $60 per month while the lifetime plan is available at $1500. 

In this age of innovative technology where people are looking forward to make use of a technology which helps them reduce costs and maximise efficiency, the software would come in handy. The entire software is developed on the Point of Sales system that looks forward to reduce the costs and increase the revenue while enhancing customer’s experience. Therefore the entire idea here is to facilitate the restaurant owner in the most desirable manner and hence reducing the workload which can dampen the possibility of efficient operations. Moreover, the company provides all around training and support to the customers to help them use the software at its optimal levels. 

About SmartOrder: 


SmartOrder System is a technology company which has come up with its unique innovative product that aims to facilitate the restaurant owners and managers to manage their operations with ease. The software comes with features such as inventory management to order processing systems.