Stainless Steel Consumption set for Tremendous Growth

13 Jan

(Submit Articles) According to our latest research offering “India Steel Industry Outlook to 2012”, Indian steel industry has registered a rapid progress on the back of strong fundamentals during the past few years. The industry is getting all essentials element, which will lead to a dynamic growth in near future. Rising demand for steel from the government backed infrastructure construction projects (including railways coaches, high capacity bus corridor, etc) kept the industry momentum going. Moreover, with various industrial sector investments and infrastructural developments, it is expected that the steel consumption will grow at a CAGR of around 7.5% during FY 2009 - FY 2013.

We have found that among various different industries, metal products are the largest consumer of stainless steel followed by process industry. Besides, demand from other industries like, construction, process, and engineering are expected to grow in the coming years on the back of various factors covered in our report. Even during the tough economic conditions, industrial consumption succeeded to sustain its positive growth momentum on the strong fundamentals of domestic demand from construction, automobile, and infrastructure sectors.

The ongoing research analysis provides extensive research and rational analysis of the Indian steel industry, with focus on current outlook and future prospects. It facilitates quantitative and qualitative evaluation of steel production, consumption, segmentation, trade, industry wise steel demand, etc. The report also provides deep insight into the steel raw material industry, including coking coal, iron ore, pig iron and limestone, to help clients gain complete market intelligence of the Indian steel industry.

“Indian Steel Industry Outlook to 2012” is an outcome of extensive research and conceptual analysis of the Indian steel industry. The report provides detail information on forces, which have led the industry towards remarkable developments during the past few years. The report also provides an insight into the future outlook of various vertical industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, marine, consumer durables, power, railways, telecom, and housing.

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