StandScan released their new product named the StandScan Snap, A Portable Photography Lightbox for quick photo and document scanning. It is an affordable, hassle free and new means of taking product images. The new StandScan Snap is perfect for all online store owners, Etsy sellers and eBay sellers. The StandScan Snap is a foldable photography lightbox with a quick setup. Online sellers can instantly post their products using this scanner.

It comes with heavy duty powered built-in LED lighting for product pictures and high image quality. The StandScan Snap also comes with a light diffuser for taking photos of reflective objects in order for the light to become softer and lessen shadows. It lets anyone take quick, professional and easy photographs of objects or product with a mobile phone or DSLR cameras. In order to have an amazing image, lighting is a significant element. The device also converts a smartphone into a document scanner.

The StandScan Snap ships with a light diffuser and a 12 Volt power adaptor. For full portability, an optional 12V battery holder is available. The diffuser and LED lighting help reduce distracting shadows and give high quality images and vivid scans. For easy storage, the StandScan Snap is foldable for quick mobility. For adding some effect to the shots, users can simply add colorful or printed backgrounds behind their products. Users can have perfect and stunning shots using this newest product of StandScan. This product is truly lightweight and due to its portability, users can carry it anytime, anywhere.

StandScan Snap is made from laminated card and weights only 300 grams, yet very durable. The StandScan Snap showcases convenience by saving users a lot of effort and time. This device works well with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Smartphone, DSLR cameras as well as point and shoot cameras. Clear scanned documents and photos are guaranteed by this latest device. There is no need for users to install any software, drivers or even connect it through cables since the StandScan Snap is wireless and portable.

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