October 26, 2013: With the exploding interest in Pinterest for crafts, recipes, social interests and much more, it is a small leap to bring this style into the world of commerce. A recent example of this is a new website that can even ‘pin’ examples of washing machines side by side. This method of e-commerce can be very productive for the average consumer when combined with the reach of Amazon. While shopping for a something like a washing machine could be considered somewhat mundane, now becomes both cute and economical.

Shoppers can use sites like cheapwashingmachines.us as a viewing portal to see user reviews as well as comparisons to other products through combining the power of Amazon.com and this unique Pinterest style of viewing products. To further narrow down the search, there are categories such as Front Load Washers, Top Load Washers, Electric Dryers, Gas Dryers, Washer Dryer Combos, as well as Stacked Washer and Dryer Units.

Both Time and Money Savings

Ultimately this helps both in saving time for the consumer as well as funneling them to the best deals on the best brands. Smart consumers in this economy have learned to ‘window-shop’ in the big box stores, and then get a lower price online through sites like Amazon.com . There is still a shipping cost to consider, but more often than not, the savings will more than cover this. In addition, the factory warranty gives peace of mind in case something does not turn out like expected. But for this reason, sites like cheapwashingmachines.us give the reviews of actual users so the future buyer can forecast what to expect from someone who has ordered online, just like them. Finally, there are opportunities to bundle your order with other related items that Amazon’s customers have bought at the same time for an even greater time and money savings.

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