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Marvin Architectural re-invents the sliding sash window

Dunlavin, Ireland, November 17h, 2010 ““ Marvin Architectural (http://www.marvin-architectural.com) has revitalised the sash window, changing the way people look at them and bringing them right back into construction fashion.

Marvin’s new sliding sash harks back to the look and feel of an earlier time, when materials were more solid and the aesthetic aspects of even run of the mill windows were taken into consideration. The Marvin Architectural sash has a superior look and feel, using real wood for interior jambs and an optional aluminium cladding exterior that has been made to look exactly like milled wood.

So what’s different, apart from the cladding? Well, Marvin Architectural has re-imagined the way the sash window works, making it modern, energy efficient and completely impervious to wind, rain or noise. The glazing alone is incredible, receiving top energy ratings ““ and may be installed with Marvin’s trademarked self cleaning glass. The fittings are all made to look “authentic“ ““ that is, in an older and more beautiful style ““ but they are constructed from the finest quality modern materials, and treated with weather proofing and anti bacterial agents to stop mould or deterioration.

Marvin Architectural is offering three levels or types of sash window to the trade and to the public: a basic, cost effective version with insert efficiency ““ so it goes straight into an existing window hole, with no need for breaking walls; a mid level, wide jamb window that looks utterly stunning in every room it graces; and a large sized “Magnum“ window ““ a custom built sliding sash available in wood or clad wood. The Magnum uses quadruple spring coils and block and tackle weights to balance its superbly smooth sliding mechanism ““ and is designed for use in large spaces.

One of the strongest and most beautiful sash windows available today, it, like the rest of the range, is an unqualified success.

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Marvin Architectural is a reputed wood manufacturer and an architect’s designer based in Ireland. They design and provide a great range of bay and bow windows, French doors, casement and awnings.

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