United States of America; 11/01/2013: Stress has become an integral part of most people’s lives and people are constantly in search of new ways to relieve their stress. SuperBalls has come up with a solution for the problem through its magnetic Buckyballs which can be used in different ways to relieve stress. These balls are a nice way to spend hours playing and fidgeting, forgetting about the stress involved with daily life. The magnetic balls are also great for children as they can make structures, patterns and shapes facilitating them to enhance their creativity and power of mind. The toys also relate to Science or Maths in different ways and help in teaching the fundamental principles through course of play. 

Apart from the Bucky Balls offered by the company, Magnicube is another great toy which alleviates stress and helps in calming the mind within a matter of few minutes. The toy can be twisted, shaped, moulded and crushed to let go of the bad feelings and embrace life in a new way. It is also possible to use the toys productively which offers the person with a sense of achievement that is crucial for a stress-free and productive life. Endless patterns and shapes can be unveiled by the user so that playing with the toy never becomes boring or monotonous. These magnetic balls apart from being stress relievers, serve as ideal inspiration towards something new every now and then. 

The BuckyBalls Toys offered at SuperBalls are available in different colours like black, silver, gold, red, blue-green and pink. The price of these magnetic balls ranges from $13.99 to $18.49 and free shipping is offered by the company. Like other intelligence toys which are available with a high price tag in the market, these magnetic balls are quite affordable and offer endless options to play with. When the users are done playing with the magnetic balls, they can be put to good use within the house like making unique card holder, holding paper to the filing cabinet, etc. SuperBalls is considered to be a leader when it comes to selling desk toys and their website offers all the useful information to the visitors. A highly beneficial aspect of their website is the tutorial section where detailed videos are provided for the users to get some idea about what can be done with the magnetic balls. 

About SuperBalls 

URL: http://www.getsuperballs.com/ 

SuperBalls offers desk toys in the form of magnetic balls. The magnetic balls can be used for playing and also to relieve daily stress associated with life. The balls can also be used in different ways to elevate creativity and productivity levels.