Surface Renew Secures Corp Contracts for Arkansas Bathtub Refinishing

12 Sep

12, September 2016: Arkansas based bathtub, tile and counter top refinishing company Surface Renew secures multiple large corporate contracts. Company spokesperson claims major win for everyone involved.

Surface Renew, Inc. is on the rise in Arkansas for bathtub refinishing and other tile refinishing services. Their increasing popularity among local property owners and property managers has spurred notoriety among larger corporations looking to increase results while lowering cost thus maximizing profits for their shareholders.

"This is a major win for everyone involved," says Bob Kennedy, President of Surface Renew. “Not only because of the obvious, that we are closing big contracts, but that the companies we are working for are going to be saving big money and lots of time by using our services.”

Surface Renew is known for their cost effective alternative to replacement and for their affordable services. "Replacement vs. refinishing is the logical best choice once the numbers are examined. Replacement is expensive in both time and money. We save our customers both of those," he exclaimed happily.

Some examples of these corporate Arkansas bathtub refinishing contracts procured include:

- A major well known hotel chain in Midtown Little Rock. An agreement with the hotel chain was entered into to repair all 263 tubs and equip them with slip resistant mats for guest safety as part of a complete remodel of the luxury hotel. Work started on June 6, 2016.

- A large apartment complex in Searcy, AR has contracted with Surface Renew to refinish 35 bathtubs as part of their property renovation project. Owner was looking to update the units and increase rents and property value. Owner was considering a high cost to replace all the bathtubs. His best replacement bid was just under $42,000 for the 35 tubs. Surface Renew’s bathtub refinishing process is estimated to save the owner over 75% versus bathtub replacement. Surface Renew bathtub resurfacing techs will make the tubs look new again for a fraction of the cost.

- A corporate trust company that owns and operates multifamily communities in the Southeastern and South Central United States is a repeat customer. They continue to utilize the services in the remodel of two major properties in Little Rock, AR. They want Surface Renew to make ready their other rental properties as well.

- A long term apartment complex in North Little Rock is prepping to redo their entire complex. They have contracted Surface Renew for refinishing tubs, countertops, and bath vanities. Work is to commence with a few months.

These super sized contracts are in addition to the regular flow of residential projects that have been consistent as homeowners are upgrading their existing homes and using Surface Renew to repair cracks, refinish discolored tubs, old sinks, tile, and kitchen countertops in order to make their houses more comfortable and appealing to buyers.

Testimonials and reviews of the great work done by Surface Renew are pouring in. One reviewer on Angie’s List had this to say about Surface Renew: "Surface treatments on two bathroom vanities, walk-in shower, bathtub and kitchen counters. One bathroom had a cultured marble vanity that was full of tiny black cracks, and the walk-in shower tile was permanently stained from 20+ years of use. We were looking for a less expensive way to update them without tearing them out and starting over. The work took about three to four hours, but the results were stunning." Read more Surface Renew Arkansas reviews on Angie’s List here:

Surface Renew’s growth continues to be exponential as the word spreads about their great business ethics, affordable pricing and superior service. Since they began in central Arkansas they have quickly grown to dominate their home region and then the northwest AR area. Expansion recently continued into southwestern Kentucky. Investors, business people and entrepreneurs wishing to join them in their growth are encouraged to call Surface Renew. Franchise and partnership opportunities are available.

About Surface Renew:

For more information about Surface Renew and how to save time and money by utilizing their tub and tile resurfacing / reglazing services at your property or company, please call Bob Kennedy at Bob Kennedy at 501-920-9326 or visit them online at

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