Small thinking creates more dissatisfaction in life than any other single factor. People, by the nature, want to be successful. The human spirit yearns to attain great things. Unfortunately, the general population settles for less than they are capable of. Thoreau summed it up when he said that most people live a life of quiet desperation. The inner desire for all that life offers is typically in conflict with the outer results being achieved.

What is your true greatness Determining this begins with thinking much bigger than you are presently conditioned. In spite of what society teaches, you can have it all. People tend to think in terms of surviving rather than thriving. Focus on your survival and that is what you get. Shift your thinking to thriving in each area of your life and it will be instantly take on new meaning.

Are you trying to leap over the Grand Canyon or a small ravine Both are wrought with challenges that could lead to failure. So why not go for the gusto If you do not succeed at a particular action, you received a valuable lesson. The bigger the undertaking, the more valuable the lesson.

Small thinking leads to small results. Choose any area of life and begin to think of bigger results. Immediately things change in a way previously unimagined. Instead of trying to figure ways to earn some extra money, concentrate doubling or tripling your income. Go after that goal with all the vigor you can muster. Also, have terms such as best, highest, and greatest in your regular thought process.

All great achievement is preceded by big thinking. It begins with the thought, followed by the action, and then the result. However, most people cannot begin to implement this mindset because of selfworth issues. Poor self esteem tells us that we are crazy to think about these things. It questions our intelligence, work ethic, and abilities. The conclusion is that we cannot do it so we need to settle for what we can get. Of course, the spirit within us cries out against this but fear wins out in the end.

The conditioning of our mind was influenced by the people around us growing up. Although they loved us dearly, their insecurities and feelings of inferiority were transferred over to us. Undo this be realizing that you are worthy of all the greatness that life has to offer. Think on the grandest scale to create a grand life.

Many have tried to change their lives by changing their actions. While actions are important for success, they will not induce meaningful change. If the mind limits the ability to create a fantastic life, all the action in the world will go to waste. All of our success is first determined by our thinking. The more room that we allow for our imagination to explore, the greater the potential.

Your life will begin to take on new meaning as your thinking expands. Seek out the different areas where you can begin this process today. Believe that you are capable of creating the magical life that so many crave. Remove the self imposed limits to accelerate your growth

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