At the last count, there were around 50 million blogs on the internet. Of these, a substantial percentage was dedicated to shopping. Even online journals not directly related to retail had some aspects in common with shopping blogs, such as tips on where to find the best priced pencils (or books, CDs, software, or whatever else the online journal focused on). They were affiliated to online stores selling particular products and they had cross-linking agreements with the more “out and out“ shopping website.

What exactly were visitors to the average shopping blog looking for? Most came in via external links from other websites. Others were directed there by Google when searching for specific information. Less than 50% came there looking for information on discounts and sales. The online shopper is more sophisticated today. He knows that finding discounts on products online is not the difficult part - the point is to find the right PRODUCT first, rather than start the quest from bargain prices.

Think about it. How many times have you bought cheap items online, only to realize later that maybe it was not a sound investment? People who routinely surf eBay and Amazon or a shopping blog looking for discounts have a habit of impulse buying - they tend to buy something that might not suit their requirements because of its attractive price tag. Often, the item looks good in photos, but the real thing is rarely that striking.

A good shopping blog is not just about price. Sometimes, some very low quality items carry attractive price tags. But they are generally in such poor condition that paying ANYTHING for these items is paying too much. A good blog writer knows that; and rather than direct readers to sales and discounts, they first try to educate them about a particular product. For example, online diaries focusing on apparel carry tips on how to choose the right size, material, and design. They inform readers on the type of accessories that might match these products. They educate them on current trends and styles that are in vogue. The writers of these blogs are honest about what they promote; if there are complaints from readers about the quality of a product, the related post is removed or a comment is added to it.

A really useful shopping blog makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for. All blog posts are appropriately tagged. You just have to click on a particular category to find all posts related to it. To make things further simpler, the blog will have a search box where you can key in your query and choose a product from the results displayed. You can find information on hundreds of different types of products this way - clothing, antiques, electrical appliances, even some unusual items such as solar panels, pencil stands, and so much more. The next time you are looking for bargains and discounts on a shopping blog, look for more information on the product itself. Other users are the best judge of the uselessness of the product. Don't chase eye-catching price tags. Look for quality.

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