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25 Jan

Induction cooktops are electronic stove tops that cool down immediately once the pot is removed from the range. It uses magnetic induction unlike traditional cooktops that uses radiant or thermal heat conduction. However, one thing to remember is that induction cooktops only work with induction cookware and do not react with any other metal pan or pot.


Today there are lots of models of induction cooktops to make the pick. But blindly going with the most popular units or the ones that have a lot of attractive features will not provide the needed service once purchased. Below are reviews of arguably the three best induction cooktops currently available on the market.


The first is the Duxtop 1800 watt portable induction cooktop. This product uses 120 volts and requires upto 15 amps of electricity to function. A couple of its features are that it is lightweight and compact which makes is easier to move from one place to the other with ease. Moreover, the control panel is digitalized and provides tie increments. It also features automatic shut off capability as well as auto pan detection. Finally its ability to heat of quickly adds to it being one of the best induction cooktops.


The Gourmia GIC 100 multifunction and portable 1800 watt induction cooker cooktop is another product that deserves to be in the list of the best induction cooktops. Not only is this product surprisingly affordable but one of the most dependable as well. It comes with 8 power levels, 8 temperature settings, and an overheat sensor that performs the auto shut off function.


The NuWave Precision is the third unit in the list and deserves so. It has the ability to heat up in double quick time compared to other burners. There are several other impressive attributes that can be found in this product of which its ease of use can be one. For more information please visit


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