Shenzhen, China; 11/11/2013: The emergence of LED lights have almost put a stop to the use of conventional light bulbs simply because of the several advantages that come along with it. Hi-Link Lighting has been involved in the development, manufacture and export of LED lighting products for more than three years and promises to offer quality lighting solutions for every type of need. The 24 PL lamps manufactured by the company offer high brightness along with high performance, and can be used for the illumination of public landscapes and private gardens. The lights are available with two years manufacturer warranty and capable of reducing consumption of energy by more than sixty five percent. The best part about these lamps is that they are able to deliver consistent performance despite being used for long time periods.

The LED light tubes from the company are approved by ROHS and come available with qualified power supply, Samsung LEDs and aluminium body heat sink. The LED PLL 2G11 4-pin Lamp included within the category is widely used throughout different shopping malls, high-class stores, beauty parlours, museums, coffee house and several other places. These tubes are also available with a warranty of two years and are guaranteed to reduce consumption of energy by nearly sixty five percent. Unlike, traditional lights, these tubes are capable of emitting smooth diffused light with a green glare. The company has a huge workshop where its experienced engineers and more than one hundred workers carry out their operations on a daily basis. The top notch quality management system along with advanced equipments and infrastructure ensures that the products manufactured are of the highest standards. The company has been selected as the OEM partner or LED lights supplier for different companies based in countries like Japan, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, etc.

The Samsung LED lampara 2G11 manufactured by Hi-Link makes use of top class LED chips from the company which offers these light with an extended longevity as well as superior performance. The company is committed towards bringing in new innovative technologies with optimum focus on quality so as to offer consumers with products that stand apart from the rest. The company also emphasizes on the protection and safety of the environment and therefore, believes in the idea of Green lighting. The international experience and strong background allows the company to globalize and grow at a rapid pace all the while catering to residential and commercial needs with full commitment and effort. It has pioneered the LED industry with its innovative technologies and ideal LED lighting solutions.


URL: can be considered as highly reputed manufacturer, developer and exporter of LED lights all over the world. Established in the year 2009, the company has made a name for itself through some of its widely accepted products like LED tubes, LED lamps, LED light bulbs, LED panel lights and many more.