The United States of America, 11/11/2013: iMovie is one of the most popular video editing software. However due to its incompatibility with Windows and PCs, it was previously available only for the iOS and Mac users. Like many Apple products the video editing application supports only Apple’s platforms. But video editing segment is not void on Windows. Indeed, iMovie with its GarageBand and iPhoto is an innovative product from Apple but Movavi, AVS, PowerDirector and VideoStudio video editors have fabulously streamlined their features for Windows. Not everyone uses an Apple product and thus, these alternatives to iMovie for PC have the advantage of the vast number of people who use Windows PC. These video editing applications are available for download at imoviepc.

Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac are the major operating systems that people use on PCs. While both may have streamlined features, Windows enjoys an edge over its competitor due to greater degree of optimisation for PC, especially its office functions. This is the reason why more number of Mac users has been found to switch to Windows than vice versa. One major issue that all switchover causes is the lack of compatibility of iMovie with Windows PCs. But, the users of Windows seem to have a saviour in Movavi, which has especially taken note of the situation (or scope) and made its Video Editor fully compatible with Windows. The fact that Movavi Video Editor available at imoviepc is compatible Windows 2000 — Windows 8 signifies the commitment of Movavi to making available alternative iMovie for Windows .

Imoviepc provides Movavi Video Editor for both AMD and Intel processors of 1GHz or above. Other specifications required to install and use Movavi iMovie for PC are 32-bit colour 1024×768 graphics display, 2GB space for operations, 250 MB installation space, QuickTime Player for processing MOV files on PCs and VHS capture device for analogue videos. 1 GB memory is required for Windows 7 and 8, 512 MB for Windows vista and 250 MB for lower versions. Specifications and requirements are mentioned in detail at imoviepc, which also provides complete User License Agreement and guidelines to install and uninstall the application.

Movavi video editor may be available at various sources but there is a certain advantage for users who download imovie pc. Movavi programmes does not allow copying of protected material, however, users gain the permission to copy copyrighted matter with imovie pc. Imoviepc Movavi video editor has extremely intuitive interface for organising, editing and sharing videos. Zoom, Split Screen, Chroma Key, brightness/contrast, Denoise, Particles, Matrix, etc. are some of the special effect features for improving perspective and quality. Recordings, voiceovers, titles and music can be added easily and videos can be rotated, joined, cropped or split by just clicks. Download link along with support, tutorial and details of features can be effortlessly found at imoviepc.

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Imoviepc provides alternative iMovie video editing applications for Windows. Movavi and other video editors can be downloaded via imoviepc for special benefits that are provided exclusively to imoviepc users.

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