(Submit Articles) Advertising is part of the overall marketing strategy of a business, which includes public relations, promotional programs, signage, incentives, newsletters, and word of mouth, among other strategies. The aim of a marketing strategy is to use advertising, along with these other tools, for maximum impact. Advertising is one of the many marketing tools that are used to attract attention of prospective customers to a business or its products or services. The more effective is an advertising campaign, more the customers it draws, and with greater frequency. PRIMEDIA Inc., through its Consumer Source Inc operation, is an integrated media business that provides advertising supported print and online consumer guides for the apartment and new home industries. Consumer Source publishes and distributes more than 38 million guides - such as Apartment Guide and New Home Guide - to approximately 60,000 U.S. locations each year through its proprietary distribution network, DistribuTech.Charles Stubbs is president and chief executive officer of PRIMEDIA, the #1 print and online publisher and distributor of advertising-supported consumer guides in the U.S. through its Consumer Source Inc operation. He earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Stubbs provides strategic vision and direction to all business
lines and operations, including Consumer Source Inc, Apartment Guide, Rentals.com, New Home Guide and DistribuTech. Prior to joining PRIMEDIA, Stubbs served as president and chief executive officer of YELLOWPAGES.com, where he oversaw the formation of the newly formed site and led it to provide more than 100 million monthly consumer business searches.

Biotechnologies are always non-polluting and, often, labor intensive. They make use of replenish able natural resources and help their conservation. They help, directly or indirectly, in saving energy. The cost of products produced through a biotechnological process is almost always less than that of the same product produced, say, through a chemical synthetic route. Biotechnologies are less accident-prone. In spite of their high level of intellectual sophistication, it is easier to train people to handle biotechnologies than other technologies. Above all, they are interesting and exciting for all those involved with them. Genentech, Inc., is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets human pharmaceuticals for significant unmet medical needs. Fifteen of the currently approved products of biotechnology are
based on or stem from Genentech science. Genentech markets ten products directly in the United States.Chris Stubbs is Global Head, PT Operational Excellence at Genentech, Senior Director at Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group, completed his education in stream of chemical
engineering from Howard University have also been the Director, at Engineering & Capital Planning at Merck & Co., Inc. for 22 years.

In the absence of clear regulatory pressures, companies increasingly are evaluating the health and environmental consequences of the products they manufacture or use to minimize or avoid risk and to achieve environmental sustainability. ENVIRON's risk assessment capabilities
increasingly are being used as a critical tool in this type of product stewardship effort.ENVIRON provides a full range of site characterization, remedial investigation, remedial design,and remedy implementation services to clients around the world. This work is not simply a process of developing "cleanup numbers" for environmental media, but rather relies on our fundamental approach to problem solving. They focus first on the threshold issues of whether and why a site should be remediated before addressing the question of how to remediate. The process involves strategic planning, integrating regulatory and statutory requirements with business considerations, identifying specific risk-based project objectives, designing data collection programs, engineering a remedy, and representing clients before regulators and the public.Christopher Stubbs is ENVIRON Holdings Manager with a PhD, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Specializes in chemical fate and transport, including modeling to support soil and groundwater remediation and risk assessments.
Conducted risk assessments at numerous sites considering contaminant vapor intrusion into indoor and outdoor air.

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