(Submit Articles) Okay ““ Ed Hardy Women’s Boots ““ rock. And they will continue to rock right into 2010 and beyond.
Like other items in the Women’s Collection, Ed Hardy Women’s Boots are so irresistible that many women may not have any money left by the time they are done shopping ““ it’s hard not to fall in love with them at first sight!
There are a number of truly great styles to choose from coming into 2010 ““ all of them are eye-catching, stellar examples of women’s fashion:Boot Straps ““ These have the most “hard rock“ look of the entire lineup, but they also have a sort of “soft edge“ to them and are quite feminine-looking. They are available in a few colors, each color involving it’s own distinct design and color contrast combination. They come below the knee, with a “boot strap“ wrapped around the mid-calf area, which begins to set off the look, but add the tattoo design they are pretty hard to miss when they’re being walked down the street.
Snowblazer ““ These are a higher boot, coming up to the knee with a fold-up-or-down flap for an optional look. Like other Ed Hardy Women’s Boots, the Snowblazers are available in various colors, they include black, tan and white. The first thing to notice about them is the tattoo-art coming up the front, but the second thing is the stone embellishments surrounding the design. Amazingly fashionable boots ““ and if you’re looking for a practical side they will keep your feet toasty warm in the winter with a faux fur inner lining and footbed. The Snowblazers are also available in a “Snowblazer Stone“ version, with rhinestones for and even hotter look.
Shins ““ These are actually a little tough to categorize strictly as boots because their sort of a sneaker-boot combination, and I’ve never seen anything quite like them. They lace all the way from the top of the foot to just below the knee and are available in black, silver and brown ““ each color with it’s own distinct tattoo-inspired artistic pattern. These are the favorite fashion item in the entire collection for many women.
Rainie ““ Practical has never been so stylish! These rain boots have an all-over tattoo print that makes them stand out in any crowd and are actually the first extreme fashion rain boots I’ve ever seen.
Shopping and Price Information ““ Of course each of the Ed Hardy Women’s Boots will vary in price, but if you’re shopping retail you can expect to spend anywhere from around $100 to $300 per pair. However, they are available online from various resources ““ often for quite a bit less.
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