postcards, prToday's business environment is one that would only have room for the fittest. No different from an African Savannah, today's business atmosphere is both highly charged and highly competitive. Those that cannot cope with the demands of the time are bound to fail or to be preyed upon.

Your business should not only be able to deflect attacks from the competition, it should in fact be ready to prey upon those that are weak. Remember that if you do not crush the competition, they will only get stronger and wiser. So at the very start, your business should be able to demolish what is left of the spirit of the competition. Do not let the competition's weakness drive their strength.

To succeed in this urban jungle, your business needs to carve its own special domain. One way to help you do this is to create your very own image. Image, which customers often translate to reputation, helps make good business. How do you create an image then?

This can be done by being innovating and trailblazing. For your business, you should be able to develop an aggressive marketing strategy. You can do this by developing aggressive marketing collaterals like postcard printing, flyers, brochures, etc. These collaterals can be aggressive by making it unique.

Most businesses prefer to stick to the tried and tested. They prefer to be safe rather than be innovative. Innovation, they view, is something that not only have cost implications but also something that will put the reputation of the business at risk. In short, some business would settle for what works. But have you realized that a marketing strategy is all about being a cut above the rest? Marketing is all about being different; it’s all about being not just a "commoner".

In the wild, there is the well accepted notion that in order to dominate, one must command the respect of others. There are two types of businesses, one that leads and one that follows. To be aggressive and to capture the hearts and minds of your target clients, your marketing collaterals should be able to give you the competitive edge. For instance, if others are doing postcard printing, you can also do it but find ways to do it differently such as printing cheap postcards.

The idea is to raise the ante. Raise the level. Exceed the expectation. Use the strength of others and use this force against them. This is the only way to survive.

Brent Durell is a marketing officer who writes articles about business strategies and campaign projects like postcard printing.

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