Tips on Creating Great Designs for Your Bookmarks

05 Jan

(Submit Articles) Although bookmarks are not that popular as marketing tools, it is often used as giveaway items for fundraising activities and for some other campaigns. Many businesses fail to utilize the benefit of bookmarks for promotion. By following some very simple rules, you can ensure that your print bookmarks will not only do its task but will also perform some other crucial marketing roles.

Most business owners think that they will save more of their budget by printing their print bookmarks at the expense of their office or home or by just hiring a cheap bookmark printing company. Though, neither of these two choices is effective and practical especially if you want to have effective and professional looking bookmarks. A weak and poor quality bookmark will only promote you or your business in a weak and ineffective manner too. If you are fond of comparing things, you will notice that cheap bookmarks have no match against quality and professional looking bookmark prints in every aspect.

That is why, it is important that you always make the right choice in order to have a good and effective bookmark in the market. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your bookmark starts with its design.

Here are some tips that you can use to develop a great bookmark design.

First, place your company logo. Your bookmark will be used to promote your business so never forget to place a professionally designed logo. Having a business logo is very important. The company logo is considered as the symbol of your business and it usually creates brand awareness. It will be a worthy investment to have your logo designed by a professional so that you can be assured of the quality and design attraction.

Second, have it in full color printing. Using full color printing in your custom bookmarks will create a full and great impact in the market. Full color printing is essential. The use of full color adds more appeal to your bookmark printing. Without full color printing, you will only have a dull and ineffective bookmark in the market. But remember to use the right colors in your card. Try to use only one or two colors to keep your bookmark from looking too busy and confusing.

Third, use a standard sized bookmark layout. You can always divert from the ordinary size of your bookmark but it would be very costly. However, some of these sizes can lessen the functionality of your bookmark material. Although they can add uniqueness to your bookmark but you will have difficulty when it comes to storing them.

Fourth, make the content readable. You have only a very limited space for your content so make it concise, catchy and readable. This is a very simple requirement that many marketers usually forget. How will your bookmark do its job effectively if your clients and customers are having a hard time reading and understanding your content? Using simple background and text is the best solution to this problem. Using black and white can help you a lot if you want to have clear and readable print bookmarks. Furthermore, proofreading your bookmark templates will ensure that your bookmark content will be understandable.

Lastly, look for a reputable printer partner. This is important because even if you have great designs, when it is printed by a bookmark printing shop in a lousy manner, it defeats your purpose. So scout for a good bookmark printing shop that is able to print quality bookmarks at a price range you can afford.

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