To play it safely or to stay innovative? Airwheel hoverboardgoes for both.

07 Jan

07, January 2016: There is no fixed answer to the question as to whether is better to play it safe or stay innovative. When a business takes shape, this stark choice has to face it. Some find it a dilemma, thereby torn between the two choices. Others regard it the two different paths to realise the self-improvement or transformation. The mere division between the two kinds of people resides in their view as to the choices. The former sees the two choices as contrary and the latter as co-existing. When such choice appeared before Airwheel, Airwheel readily went for innovation, which is evidenced by continuous roll-out of new intelligent electric hoverboard.


To play it safe, in a sense, is to develop vertically. And to stay innovative is to develop horizontally. The vertical development lies in depth, whereas the horizontal development aims to enhance the expense. In terms of product development, the horizontal development entails endless innovation. That is what Airwheel has been doing for its electric self-balancing scooter.

This year, it has convened two new product release conferences, in which Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5, A3 and the electric skateboard M3, Z3 and etc. In this year, Airwheel released 6 models all told. These horizontal development spawned a series of new products to cater to the curiosity of millions of customers and scooter-lovers.


The sector of electronics is a merging industry. Most products are fast consumption which is updated quickly. The quickness is from the variation of the taste of customers. It is hardly to keep one customer attentive to one certain product for a long time. They like something novel and something outlandish. These products is highly likely to appeal to them. The actual feature of customers decides the choice of horizontal development made by Airwheel. In order to keep its self-balancing scooter fresh, Airwheel feel essential for him to push out more new products on end.

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