Uncharted North American market for Airwheel electric hoverboard

07 Jan

07, January 2016: Airwheel was set up in the year of 2013. Up to now, yet, it become the fastest-growing scooter-maker, whose business has penetrated into Asia, Europe and South America. The customers in every nook and cranny gain the access to Airwheel intelligent electric hoverboard except for those North American scooter-lovers. North American market is the one that Airwheel had never set foot in.


To Airwheel, it is an uncharted world full certainties and hidden danger. The originator of electric self-balancing scooter, Segway is born there. It started its R & D and business long before. In its eyes, Airwheel is just a start-up. Over last ten years, the North American customers get used to Segway electric self-balancing scooters. Therefore the muscle of Segway in North America cannot be sniffed at.

In the past, Airwheel did not intend to enter this market. However, it gears up for entry into the uncharted field by attending the CES held in Las Vegas. Airwheel tempts to look to the 4-day-long exhibition to make a formal announcement that Airwheel is well prepared for entry into North American market. Its entry into the market entails the business conflict with Segway. Segway secured a host of patents protection which, to some extent, prohibited other competitors from setting foot in this market. That is one of important reasons why Airwheel did not rush into the market. Plus it remained in its infancy at that that.


In fact, Airwheel has cherished the intention of penetrating the North American market for a long time. In the last three years, Airwheel went great lengths to accumulate its power in order to square up to the challenge from Segway in the wake of its entry into the market. The current Airwheel has won various patents for its self-balancing scooter. In aid of this opportunity to participate in CES, Airwheel is set to show off its latest achievements such as the electric skateboard M3 and the original Q-series of twin-wheeled intelligent scooter, which is utterly new to the North American market.

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