Top technology of Airwheel golden technologies electric scooter

06 Jan

06, January 2016: It is without saying that technology is crucial to any industry, including the sector of scooter. The current sector of scooter, Airwheel is rightly the exemplar of technology. Its electric self-balancing scooters represent its latest technology and its know-how. These know-hows exude the depth-in savvy of Airwheel team. The discovery of technology and innovative application thereof look to the spirit of creation. Only those who keep innovating will push out a seamless series of technology on end. That is Airwheel.


The technology of the wireless connection is applied widely to a variety of fields. Handy, convenient and cost-effective, the wireless connection is surely introduced to the sector of electric self-balancing scooters. The existence of the wireless connection is one thing; the application thereof is another thing. Although many scooter-makers intended to apply the wireless connection to the intelligent golden technologies electric scooter the limitation of technology prohibited them from living out this idea.

Airwheel made efforts and broke through to realise this application of wireless connection into mobile phone via APP in A3. Airwheel A3 is the first model that can be connected into the owner’s mobile phone as long as the user download the APP online. And the APP is freely downloaded.


Application of new material is not an easy process at all. In the beginning, Airwheel used the PC material as its shell. At that time, this kind of special material was a bit advanced. As the technology and science developed rapidly, the PC material lagged far behind time. It is imperative for Airwheel to identify the likely new material. Finally, it discovered TPU material and found it most suitable for electric self-balancing scooter. Compared with the former PC material, TPU material is sturdier and more resistant to the impact. Airwheel got its first try-out in its newly released model-the electric skateboard M3. The application of new material also become one reason why M3 stands out from other models.

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