In china we are China Jewelry Supplies,also wholesale jewelry supplies,Wholesale rhinestone jewelry, Wholesale costume jewelry,at most we have many of jewelry rings,here want to say about the material of the jewelry rings.

The material that the ring was made of generally was indicative of the ring-bearer's social status. The 14th century was when precious jewels were added to the jewelry rings as well.

During the Medieval period is when rings became popular. All different classes of people wore rings from the poorest to the richest. Rings were typically made of iron, copper, silver, and gold.

Rings can be made of any material now. They can be made from plastic, silver, gold, or copper, even wood. They can be made of ceramic materials as well. They can be of simple design or something as intricate as filigree.

Numerous cultures have incorporated the ring in to their way of life. Native Americans would adorn themselves with silver and turquoise rings and jewelry. The early Christians would put the Icthas, the Greek symbol for fish, on their rings.

Today, mainly, rings are most commonly used for marriage purposes. Both at the time of betrothal and engagement, the woman accepts a ring as an official symbol of acceptance of the man's proposal for everyone to view and see.

Today, rings are worn for a plethora of reasons. Even winning sports champions are given rings for winning the NBA Playoffs or the Super Bowl. Rings are also worn as commitment to a spouse in a marriage or by those who need to express their commitment to God.

A ring made of Tungsten is a sure winner. It lasts a lifetime in its most beautiful precious form, as Tungsten does not permit the ring to be scratched or tarnished. A Tungsten carbide ring will seldom become dull and shines and looks new for a lifetime.

Today, shopping for a wedding ring or engagement ring could take days or weeks. Rings come in so lots of different styles and shapes that choosing seven may be impossible. Thank goodness there's Tungsten rings.

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