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So just what has UFO something to do with PYROENERGEN II? Nobody on the planet, also the greatest scientists, seems to have any knowledge concerning the reality of UFO. I have explained it several times, yet no person appears to pay attention and comprehend even the world renowned scientists. They just roam around looking for crazy info concerning UFO, Crop Circles, and beginning of incurable illness which will certainly not be answered for life.

I pointed out in the PYROENERGEN II site that diseases of unidentified reason are due to unfavorable powers that exist anywhere in the air, dirt and water. There is no approach to gauge such wave with worldly existing and contemporary scientific devices. It appears that only countable number of wise men recognizes the existence of such wave, and just PYROENERGEN II could remove that wave. UFO is additionally an illustrational illusion by the exact same negative power.

You understand that shadow, rainbow, and mirage, which you can see and take images with, however you can't capture them. UFO is much like a rainbow or mirage in the sky. As you understand, rainbow is a representation or illusion created by water vapor. UFO is much like an impression or photo developed by the negative power in the air. It is the reason that UFO goes away all of a sudden depending on the angle you see. Just how come scientists of the globe can not recognize this? Exactly how about Crop Circles? Yes, it is additionally triggered by the unfavorable power. As I stated in the web site, unfavorable energy is energized and has power. This power of adverse energy triggers amazing phenomenon such as incurable diseases and Plant Circles.


On the write-up "UFO and the PYROENERGEN II-- Part I" I noted concerning the relationship of UFO and the PYROENERGEN II, and I got numerous comments and 7 emails had to do with Crop Circles. They commented that Crop Circles are prank and manufactured.

Several researchers from Tokyo and Hokkaido universities visited England 15 years ago to check out the real crop circle view, and wrapped up that it was prank. After that, quickly one more sight involved them. They checked out the places and discovered that the plant circles were distinct and impossible works of men, wrapping up the 2nd and 3rd sights they explored were really a miracle and mysterious phenomenon. Therefore, we must know that there are genuine and phony of anything worldwide. Additionally you will understand later that a negative power or power can make excellent figure like circle, triangle or any type of impressive patterns, numbers or layouts more than people can visualize.

Today, there are numerous Plant Circle detectives connecting each other to trade their searchings for. Also, Crop Circle does not mean that it is only a circle made in plants. Anything consisting of like that of apparition of some holy pictures that can not be explained scientifically are thought about or called as Crop Circle or Crop Circle sensation.

Do you recognize or can you comprehend just what adverse energy I am talking with? To know even more concerning adverse energy and energy and its astonishing works, then you need to continue reading my short articles.

I find out about unfavorable energy effectively, yet you do not know or understand just what negative power is. I discovered the wave 4 years back. It is the factor I designed PYROENERGEN II. Given that I can remove paranormal power or wave, I can produce adverse power as well.

Currently, that there exist adverse energy around the tree caves, if you go nearby, you may be impacted by the energy, and you could become some sort of sickness. Do you have such encounter? Yes, you do. Then, you need to do PYROENERGEN II therapy before you become seriously sick. We will discuss this subject in my forthcoming short article on how to avoid or run away from such wave or energy. It is not a very easy job, but you possibly able to do it ...

I was enjoying NHK TELEVISION solution numerous years back and saw that there are people that claim that they could call UFO in Oslo. Yes, it can be real, due to the fact that negative power or power is just like an aurora overhead. You can call or make it appear by whistle or hand clapping as they experienced. And I could agree with them, since I recognize exactly what the paranormal power is.

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Junji Takano is a Japanese health scientist associated with checking out the root cause of several terrible illness. In 1968, he developeded PYRO-ENERGEN, the initial and only electrostatic therapy machine that successfully removes viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown reason.
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