(Submit Articles) Ultra dark tans are the new fad that does not seem to be fading away. The trend was made famous when all the celebrities started showing off their beautiful tanned bodies. These tans are all fake and have nothing whatsoever to do with the sun. Ever since it was discovered that the sun's ultra violet rays are harmful to human being, people have been taking to sunless tans. Now they are everywhere and becoming more and more common as we speak.

Sun Tan Products.

There are a swarm of products in the market that offer self-tanning. They are made to moisturize and tan the body at the same time. They make the skin look like that of a bronze god. Knowing which products to trust and which to avoid is tricky, as most of them promise the same things - easy-to-do self-tanning without any harm to the skin. So it is the customer's discretion to select the best product from the market. The product reputation can be looked at before making such a decision.

Products offered by companies like Sun Lab are more reliable than others. For Ultra dark tans, it is always better to use lotions than sprays. Lotions give a more even spread and give better results. The Sun Giesee is ideal for dark tans and is one of the most reputed products of the company. The product contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is totally safe for the skin and body. The tone color given by the product is very natural and glamorous. It also contains many natural elements like aloe vera, soybean oil, and fruit acids. This helps moisturize the skin and keeps it from being dry and flaky due to the tanning process. Giesee is one of Sun Labs best products for sunless tans. The Sun self tanning lotion, other than the one mentioned, is highly sought after and at the same time very affordable. Affordability is a major feature that makes the company's products popular along with their guaranteed safety and performance.

Making The Best Out Of It.

There are some things that a person needs to do to make the best out of an Ultra dark tanning product. One is to exfoliate the skin thoroughly before applying the product. This takes out all the dead skin cells which would otherwise shed in a day or two. This is necessary because the tanning product actually works on the skin cells that shed within a week or two. Now, if the already existing cells are not removed, the tan would not last that long. Always make sure that the lotion or spray is used on well-moisturized skin. The companies that come out with tanning products also have moisturizers and exfoliants to go with the product. After the tan process is complete, keep the skin hydrated for the tan to last longer.

The trendy Ultra dark tan is something that instantly glamorizes the skin and gives any person a beautiful glow. The smooth silky finishing of the tan and its easy-to-apply method makes it accessible to all interested people.

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