Obesity is fast becoming the number one health problem in developed and developing countries worldwide, the problem is now affecting a large number of school-age children. For some, this decision is simple, and they just write a check for the operation, while others prefer the harder approach is consistent with the reality of obtaining and monitoring their diet. Another group prefers to use the weight of drugs to help them lose weight, so that results can be seen in a shorter time.

The drugs work to raise the level of serotonin in the brain, they believe that the stomach is already full, thereby increasing the metabolic rate of a person. Only when scientists discovered that these drugs have side effects, and have been linked to heart valve disease that they were removed from shelves. You can not win, though, manufacturers have introduced updated drugs prescribed by doctors but the FDA approval process is slow.

You may know who has used these pills, several times, and first-hand understanding of how useful they can be. This proposal is tempting to lose weight while maintaining the same diet who\'d say no? Weight loss drug manufacturers spend huge sums on research, but it can not be compared with the amount spent by consumers.

In later weight control pills may be prescribed by your doctor, dietitian or purchased in pharmacies and, despite advances in drug manufacture, there is a risk in including vomiting and stomach problems. Surprisingly more dangerous side effects exist including stroke, heart attack, kidney failure to name only a few, so these drugs are still far from safe to use.

It is always a good idea to you doctor before taking any course of drugs, which may reduce the possibility of some side effects occur, although this may depend on the genetic makeup of the person using them. Other problems may also arise when the pill is discontinued. Effect of withdrawal of pills are irritability, nausea, depression, fatigue and insomnia to name only a few of the reported conditions.

Although these weight loss drugs do work to increase the beneficial effects occurs when regular exercise held together with food. This type of nutrition requires a balance of food groups to ensure adequate consumption of vitamins, minerals and fiber, almost all of which can be bought at the local supermarket, but you may need a little training.

Implementation will need to be carried out, if you want to take healthy food option, but it is likely to be developed in advance with your doctor. A good exercise plan with the weights will help improve the body\'s ability to burn calories and maintain a healthy heart.

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