If you are attempting to buy some property, especially if this is the first time you are venturing into the territory of Newfoundland real estate agents, then it is important to understand the lingo that these agents use. Especially if you want to do as much of the background research and groundwork on your own, it helps to be acquainted with these words and be able to understand, if not use them in your conversations with agents.

Here are a few of the terms you will find while doing the rounds of the Newfoundland real estate agents. Reading through these will make your purchasing experience much easier and hassle free.

* There are a lot of short forms that you will come across when you are reading the listings in a newspaper. For example, a B/B means bedroom/bathroom. So if the listing states 2B/1B, it means two bedrooms and one bathroom. Other terms include FDR for formal dining room, FP for fireplace, gar for garage, and HWF for hardwood floors. While there would be slight variations how Newfoundland real estate agents use these terms, you can certainly use the Internet to do a search until you find the meaning that makes the most sense.
* Appraised value is another term that is very frequently used by real estate agents. It refers to the estimated market value of the property versus what the owner or seller actually wants for it. Reducing the difference between these two to something that is more within your budget should be the goal. And if you are lucky, you can find a Newfoundland real estate agent to do this for you. If not, then it will take a lot more work on your part, which will involve finding additional properties.
* You might find houses that are listed as excellent condition, above average condition, average condition, or even poor condition. This might seem a bit vague initially but you will soon be able to figure out what this means. While the meaning of the usage is generally topical, for Newfoundland real estate agents excellent condition usually means that the house is something that you can move into immediately. Above average condition means that certain repairs have been conducted and are visible to the naked eye while average means that some minor repairs still need to be done. Poor condition is a phrase that you need to be very careful with. It usually means that the house is in a very bad condition and parts of it might need to be torn down. Newfoundland real estate agents will possibly include a very good deal with this kind of property. But it will depend on whether you want to move into the house immediately or are fine conducting the extensive repairs that are necessary.

There are hundreds of other acronyms and words that are characteristic of Newfoundland real estate agents but you will, sooner or later, discover most of them in your interaction with the agents. However, do remember to ask for clarifications for any terms you do not understand. You certainly do not want to end up agreeing to something you weren't quite clear about, which could not only be costly, but also make you miss out on another good deal. Therefore, use of the Internet wherever possible to enhance your search and understanding of the process.

There are a lot many words that form the characteristic lingo of the Newfoundland real estate agents. To be comfortable with them and to get a good deal as well it becomes important to know at least basics about their lingo. Real estate agents can get a you good deal.

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