Using Door Hangers to Boost Your Business

25 Jan

(Submit Articles) Want to get your business' foot in your prospective customers door? Are you looking for inexpensive ways to advertise your business? Are brochures and flyers not working for you? Then you should start using door hangers to promote your products or services. Door hanger printing is a new and innovative way to help businesses get noticed by their target audience. To be successful in door hanger advertising, business owners does not need to spend a lot of money. They should invest instead on creativity in design.

The key to advertising success is visibility. So your door hangers should be designed creatively to attract attention. They must be unique enough to catch the eye of a prospective customer and stir up their interest in your product or service. To get your message across, your hanger must scream out to the customer.

Another way of catching your prospect’s attention is through big headlines. People should be able to read your headlines even a few steps away from the hanger, from the bottom of the steps, at least. Easy-to-read headlines will help you take advantage of the crucial first few seconds of interaction. Reading your attention-grabbing headline, your customer will be compelled to learn more about your offer even before they get to the door.

You can order door hangers in any shape or size that you wish. Just make sure that they hang nicely on a door handle. Door hangers’ shapes vary from the usual rectangular to the more artistic type. Whatever shape you wish to use, ensure that they won’t block the doorway in any way. Don’t forget to use attractive colors to make your hangers stand out. Remember, the more creative the design, the more it can get attention. If you’re afraid you can’t make a captivating design on your own, you may hire a professional graphics designer to come up with an original concept. You may also choose to work with any door hanger printer that has an excellent design department.

Promotional door hangers are a cheap way to advertise to a specific community. Direct mailing can cost several thousand of dollars. Newspaper advertising isn’t so cheap as well and less reliable for results. So for small businesses that don't have a sizable marketing budget, door hanger printing is an ideal solution. It requires just a small investment to print several thousand hangers.

Unlike flyers, door hanger distribution is more effective as they do not have to be handed out to passersby, who are often times annoyed by the intrusive method. And as opposed to flyers or brochures, door hangers have little chance of being discarded right away. Hangers are simply placed on the door knobs of people’s front door. They are instantly seen by anyone who enters the house, giving it the advantage of being seen by more than one person.

If done properly, creatively-designed door hangers can offer a cost-effective means of marketing your products and services. Unlike some other marketing tools, door hangers allow you to narrowly target your audience.

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