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Valley goes green in step with the times

London, United Kingdom, December 28th, 2010 ““ Valley Industrial Products (http://www.vipclean.co.uk) is promoting its own range of eco friendly cleaning products in a bid to enable its customers to clean their industrial or commercial premises without impacting on the planet. The new range of eco friendly products supplied by Valley is called “Green Valley“ and has been based completely on the already successful cleaning products that the company has been supplying for years.

“We know that our customers put a lot of stock in the efficiency and power of our own brand cleaning products,“ said a spokes person for Valley Industrial Products. “That’s why we have created out Green Valley range. The Green Valley products deliver the exact same cleaning power as before: they’ve just had harsh, corrosive or otherwise environmentally unsound chemicals replaced by new formulas.
The environmental friendly cleaning products produced by Valley Industrial Products are enabling all UK industries and commercial enterprises to look after their premises and equipment in line with new initiatives and regulations concerning environmental impact. Even the heaviest industrial environment can be cleaned with products from the Green Valley range, and the earth benefits with every spray.

Valley Industrial Products is so proud of its Green Valley products that it is challenging people to spot the difference between the new green option and the older chemicals.

“We don’tthink you would know the difference, if you took the labels off,“ said the Valley Industrial Products spokes person. “Our eco friendly cleaning products work so well that you just see a clean, sparkling work place ““ no matter how heavily your buildings are used.“

All Green Valley products can be ordered directly from the Valley Industrial Products website. The Green Valley products are completely guaranteed and will be given price breaks for bulk ordering.

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