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Simplytrak's GPS vehicle tracking system is not only one of the simplest to use, it's also one of the most comprehensive.

Brough, United Kingdom, 19th May 2010 – There is increasing pressure today on businesses and organisations to monitor and track their assets, including vehicles. GPS vehicle tracking is the only fully effective way of tracking vehicles and any company assets which they may be transporting, but for many businesses GPS vehicle tracking is an unknown area, and represents a real challenge in terms of setting up and monitoring the system.
Simplytrak is a UK based company expert in providing companies and organisations with a GPS vehicle tracking system which is not only very quick and simple to install but provides a wealth of options which can easily be used to significantly improve the ability to monitor and track assets both vehicular and otherwise.
Being able to track vehicles effectively and accurately in real time using a simple to use GPS vehicle tracking system offers several advantages, including security, efficiency and safety. By using a GPS vehicle tracking from Simplytrak companies can ensure that vehicles are not used or taken out of a specified area without an immediate alert being generated. GPS vehicle tracking can also be used to monitor the route taken by vehicles, alerting management if a vehicle deviates from a pre-determined course. This data can also be used to help companies improve the logistical organisation of vehicles and routes, cutting down on unnecessary journeys, improving the efficiency of journeys and better enabling the closest vehicle to a job to be used, reducing time and fuel.
GPS vehicle tracking can also be used as a much more accurate way to ensure that drivers adhere to any limits in terms of the number of hours driving and length of breaks is concerned, improving the company's ability to comply with its duty of care.
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Simplytrak is a UK based company providing highly effective, simple to use GPS vehicle tracking systems.

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